Admin Login Protection System

All website changes go through the admin dashboard, which can be accessed through a default WordPress link. Keeping the access safe and secure requires certain modifications. Protecting your admin login will help you get rid of unwanted backend access and bot attempts.

Activate system through the Checkbox next to the section title and Save Changes.

Hide /wp-admin/ allows you to change dashboard link behavior. You can toggle between different Access Error Types in order to prevent unauthorized access:

  • Page 404 – When guests try to access /wp-admin/ they will encounter default WordPress error page for non-existing content;
  • Redirect to – This option will allow you to forward guests to a specific page;
  • Forbidden 403 – This option will display default WordPress forbidden access page.

Default WordPress backend login link is /wp-login.php. Modifying the path will help you block direct guest access to the WordPress php files. The Custom Login Link will change this path with a preferred one. In case you forget about the new link, you can use the provided Recovery Link as a backup method in order to reset. You can also choose to get a notification via email with the Recovery Link.

Custom Admin Login Logo URL: change logo URL inside admin login page.
Login Logo URL Title: change default hovering logo title inside admin login page.
Custom Admin Login Title: change default browser tab title for admin login page.

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.