Deliver Emails through Mailgun

Managing the email communications from your website is very important to ensure customer satisfaction and the way the website is perceived. A more professional approach may help you improve the email communication and spend less time sorting through emails or manually processing orders or queries from visitors.

Activate System through the Checkbox next to section title and Save Changes.

Email sender options: If enabled, all outgoing emails will be sent with the details set up in the following fields.
“From” name: Sender name displayed in emails.
“From” address: Sender address displayed in emails.
Send Emails via Mailgun: Enable option to send emails from the Mailgun, an email automation engine trusted by over 10,000 website and application developers for sending, receiving and tracking emails. By taking advantage of Mailgun’s powerful email APIs, developers can spend more time building awesome websites and less time fighting with email servers.
Mailgun Domain Name: Domain name which Mailgun will use to send emails.
Mailgun API Key: Necessary to integrate Mailgun infrastructure into existing website infrastructure (An API key is a token that a client provides when making API calls).
Select Your Region: Define region used for email integration.

Test configuration – The configuration test email will be sent to your site’s administrative email address

If WooCommerce is activated, a new subsection is available for email notifications regarding purchases.

These notifications can be managed, previewed and tested. A list of the notifications can be found below:
New order, Cancelled order, Failed order, Order on-hold, Processing order, Completed order, Refunded order, Customer invoice/Order details, Customer note, Reset password, New account, Pre-order Release Date Changed, Pre-order Cancelled, Failed Subscription Renewal SCA Authentication, Pre-order Payment Action Needed, Payment Authentication Requested Email.
Each option has a help section to describe the functionality of the notification. Click on each option will let you configure the email notification.

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.