Advanced General Settings

Extra enhancements made to the default general settings WordPress offers.

Site Title: Input the website tile displayed on the browser tab.
Tagline: Small description of the site or motto.
WordPress Address (URL): Default website address that might correspond to domain name.
Site Address (URL): If site address is different from WordPress address.
Administration Email Address: Define the administrator email address.
Membership: Enable option to allow anyone to register.
New User Default Role: Select which will be the default user roles for new users.
Site Language: If WPML is activated, the site language can be changed.
Timezone: Select website timezone.
Date Format: Select how date is displayed.
Time Format: Select how time is displayed.
Week Starts On: Select on which day the week starts.
Disable Help tab: Removes default WordPress Help option.
Left Admin Footer Content: Input what is displayed in the lower left side of the administration panel.
Right Admin Footer Content: Input what is displayed in the lower right side of the administration panel.
Hide Admin Notices aka Nags: WordPress comes with a built-in system to display notifications inside the WordPress admin area. This option allows them to be hidden.
Copyright Protection: Activate this function in order to protect you content from being copied with ease.
Disable Copyright Protection by Role: Remove copyright protection for defined user roles.
Enable Locations: Activate the option to show locations.

Save Changes in order to apply any amendments made to the default settings.