Advanced Account Features

The following features are meant to enhance the user experience or simplify it wherever needed.

Activate System through the Checkbox next to section title and Save Changes.

Account fields
Enable Email Confirmation Field: Set up email confirmation for account.
Force Lowercase Characters to Email Fields: Limit only lowercase letters in email fields.
Enable Password Confirmation Fields: Display password confirmation fields.
Enable Name Fields for Registration: Make name fields mandatory when registering.
Enable Profile Gender: Activate gender selection.
Make Gender Required: Make gender selection mandatory.
Enable Profile Birthdate: Activate birthdate selection
Make Birthdate Required: Make birthdate mandatory.
Completed Gender & Birthdate Background: Define background colour when gender and birthdate are completed.
Enable Frontend Website Field: Display website field in account details.
Make Website Required: By default field is optional.
Enable Frontend Biographical Info Field: Display biographical info field in account details.
Make Biographical Info Required: By default field is optional.
Enable Dashboard Extra Info: Display extra information in account dashboard.
Account Privacy Type: Checkbox to enable account privacy.
Display Profile Details in Author Box: When posting/publishing, profile details are displayed.

Account Functions
Enable User Activity: Display account activity history and timestamp of each change made.
Open Action Links in New Tabs: Action links from activity history will open in a new tab.
Activity Table Entries per Page: Display limited number of entries per page in Activity history.
Activity History for Other Roles: Set up activity history by user roles.
Enable Profile Backend Orders Table:
Enable Username Editing: Define ability to edit username by user role.

Account Deletion
In order to display this option please use the following shortcode [ cw_user_account_deletion ].
Enable Account Deletion: Activate or deactivate possibility to delete account.
Add Delete Button Extra Protection: Confirmation of account deletion to prevent clicking by mistake.
Enable My Account Deletion Banner: Display banner for account deletion.
Deletion Requests Limit: Define limit of requests.
First Deletion Time Gap (m): Time to request initial deletion.
Deletion Time Gap (m): Time to request deletion.
Deletion Timeframe (days): Select period of time for deletion after request.
Account Deletion Method: Select the confirmation method for the account (password on site, link or code through email).
Deletion Confirmation Email Subject: Customize the email subject when confirming account deletion.
Deletion Confirmation Message: Customize the message received when confirming account deletion.
Deleted Account Email Subject: Customize the email subject received when deleting an account.
Deleted Account Message: Customize the message received when deleting an account.

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.