Online Shop Working Hours Schedule

Configure Opening & Closing Schedule in order to enable customers to place orders within working hours.

Activate System through the Checkbox next to section title and Save Changes.

Enable Schedule Shortcode: Select this option to enable the shortcode [ cw_shop_schedule ] to use in backend.
Open 24/7: Enable option to take orders at any time.
If Open 24/7 is not selected, a new section will appear to define the schedule for each day individually.
Use the following formats:
· Open 24h (HH:MM-HH:MM) example > 00:00-24:00
· Day Break (HH:MM-HH:MM,HH:MM-HH:MM) example > 10:00-12:00,13:00-19:00
· Closed All Day > –

Alert Configuration

Info: Use [ cw_greeting_countdown ] in the Message area to show a counter of when the shop will be available again.
Message: Text displayed when shop is outside define schedule.
Message Display Method: Select the way the message is displayed (Shop Container, Site Wide Banner, Hidden).
Background Color: Displayed message color
Text Color: Displayed text color
Text Align: Alignment of the text displayed (Center, Left, Right, Justify)

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.