Custom Purchase Value

Sometimes people perceive the value of a product differently. Within the Custom Purchase Value System, you now have the ability to allow a customer to donate to your business, see when a product is ‘flying off the shelves’ or even create a donation campaign to support a cause right in your own market.

To activate the option please use WooCommerce > Settings > Products Tab > Product Types & Related Options > Custom Purchase Value checkbox and copy the shortcode displayed next to it. Once it is activated, in the ‘Add new’ part of the Product section, you will be able to add the shortcode [ cw_custom_purchase_stats ] in the Product short description to display how many products were sold.

Also, depending on the Product data (Simple Product, Variable Product, MU Product) and the Customer input checkbox enabled, you can set a minimum value for the product but also allow the customer to add their own value. This is useful when creating a donation campaign in order to display a measurable goal for that specific campaign.